This gives you framework, the playbook, the fundamentals to have success in real estate. And if someone who came in who’s coachable, who’s willing to put in the effort and work hard, there’s absolutely no way they would not have monumental success with this program. It’s comprehensive, it’s thorough.

– KOKI ADASI, Team lead of Team Koki, Washington DC

Instead of now just waking up every morning and being like ‘ugh, what am I going to do today?’ Now you have structure. And that will eventually turn into more business… There are little nuances that I believe you see in every person you talk to that bring forward a strength that we didn’t know about ourselves. I think your individual connection with people is really something special.

– kerry carr, team lead of the kerry carr team, philadelphia, pa

I’ve been a manager for about seven or eight years now, and I wish that I would’ve had something like this when I first started… The systems that you’ve put in are rock solid and this is a program that is gonna help you throughout your career… These are all business practices that work in real-life experiences.

– tony oakley, sales manager for compass ny

I think it’s essential that someone get into a program like you’re offering, which basically gives you the roadmap to success… You have the one magic ingredient that a lot of coaches don’t have…you care about other people and that you really want to see those people make it.


I believe based off of your outline for agents, especially somebody that’s a little seasoned and has done deals… if they do your activities, over the course of a year, they should be making a six-figure income. Absolutely.

– matt aragona of the matt aragona group, philadelphia pa

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