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Scale your real estate business and income in under 100 days.

Being successful doesn’t mean overworking or sacrificing your sanity or time with family.

We provide you with tools that the top 1% of real estate agents are using to gain momentum in the marketplace, regardless of your location, current business earnings, or market position.

Evolve your mindset to:

Get out of the income and activity trap

Leave behind the feast or famine peaks and valleys in real estate income

Ditch the age-old practices of cold calling and door knocking

Sound like what you need and want?

This Program is for you if…

Ditch the age-old practices of cold calling and door knocking 

You’re frustrated and don’t know what to do or when to do it regardless of being surrounded by success.

You’re financially insecure and insecure that you’ll never succeed.

You might have to go back to a low-income, set wages job to make ends meet.

You don’t have control of your life.

You make money, but it’s never consistent – and when you do make money, you’re overworked.

You’ve had to sacrifice your sanity and time with family to make things happen.

You’re not sure where your next clients are going to come from, and real estate really might not be for you.

Ditch the age-old practices of cold calling and door knocking

Don’t give up on your dream.

I’m Marc Silver.

I’m living proof that you CAN live the dream that attracted you to real estate in the first place!

I created Peak Performing Agent because I know what it’s like to be broke. I also know what it’s like to be “successful” beyond my wildest dreams, only to suffer a nervous breakdown from working too hard without any boundaries.

This is why my approach is so important. It creates a system where you CAN achieve both incredible financial success and still live a healthy, well-balanced, and happy life. It is the same system I use to earn 30K-70K per month consistently.

It’s time to claim the wealth, success, and freedom you desire.

Peak Performing Agent

The #1 10-week intensive training program for realtors looking to QUICKLY scale their income, their business, and their LIFE!

Program Breakdown

12 weeks worth of training modules & resources proven to help you succeed

Weekly live group coaching where you get access to successful real estate agents for advice & questions

3 one-on-one sessions with Marc or a member of the Mastery Team

Small dynamic community of like-minded collaborative referral agents across the country

Live interviews & Guest speakers

Motivational support, implementation templates, resource guides, and quarterly reviews