About Marc

My name is Marc Silver, but you can call me a long-time Philadelphian, guitarist,  educator, ultimate frisbee player, and expert real estate advisor.

I started Peak Performing Agent because I know what it’s like to go from broke and broken to empowered and financially free with very little experience.

Whether you’re new or experienced in the real estate game, I can help you create results to live your dream in 100 days or less.

From Music Teacher to Top Producing Real Estate Agent

My interest in real estate began when I transitioned from Music Teacher to Real Estate Agent in 2016. Within months of being in real estate, I realized there were two types of people in this business: 

Those who complained about it being too hard who filled their time with outdated business-building methods, over-worked yet under-performing;

The elite class: individuals who were closing business every week and amassing incredible levels of wealth while seemingly working less hours with more ease. 

I was determined to join the elite class, and my first year in Real Estate saw me earning recognition as a Top Producing Agent who pulled nearly 500K in gross commissions. 

Financial freedom
should not be stressful.

Receiving this level of prestigious recognition, gaining valuable experience in business and in life, required a ton of sacrifice. I was struggling to create the financial freedom I was looking for without sacrificing both my own sanity and precious time with my family. 

The daily grind – long, stressful hours, exhausting hustle, and non-stop WORK – led to burn out and complete internal instability. I had a mental breakdown, and though I was able to maintain a consistent and steady stream of business, it left me in survival mode.

I knew there had to be a different way.

Life is too short to
not live your dream.

Through self exploration and soul searching, I recalibrated my mindset and priorities. I worked for months to develop a “you-and-family-first” system that created TRUE balance between success at work and success at home.

That’s how the Peak Performing Agent Program was born: I wanted my financially free AND stable lifestyle to be accessible to all Real Estate agents who wanted to live their dream AND run their own Real Estate practice.

Peak Performing Agent

Generate an established flow of clients using our proven system: get more leads and conversions in less time.