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10% of Real Estate Agents do 90% of the business.

We help you join them.

Elevating .
for Agents 

Elevating .

for Agents 

The Peak Performing Agent Signature System helps real estate agents – you! – create financial freedom so you can live your dream. We help realtors earn 5-figure monthly incomes, surpassing 6 and multiple 6 figure yearly incomes, while creating a scaleable, consistent real estate business that lets you get back to living.

The best part? You’ll start to see those results quickly. 

Stop working
too hard for too little.

You want financial freedom, like yesterday. You became a real estate agent to create a source of wealth for you and your family… so why do you worry about months without revenue or work to a point of exhaustion and defeat?

It’s time to earn an incredible income while focusing on creating a better quality of life, not only for you, but for your families, your community, your team, and your company.

I’m Marc Silver.

I created Peak Performing Agent because I know what it’s like to be broke. I also know what it’s like to be “successful” beyond my wildest dreams, only to suffer a nervous breakdown from working too hard without any boundaries.

This is why my approach is so important. It creates a system where you CAN achieve both incredible financial success and still live a healthy, well-balanced, and happy life. It is the same system I use to earn 30K-70K per month consistently.

It’s time to claim the wealth, success, and freedom you desire.

The #1 intensive training program for realtors looking to QUICKLY
scale their income, their business, and their LIFE!

Peak Performing Agent:

Create results to
live your dream in 100 days.

It’s time to achieve 5-6 figures per month in your real estate business consistently, with ease, and faster than you ever thought possible.

Generate an established flow of clients using our proven system: get more leads and conversions in less time. Create a consistent flow of clients and income, creating a sustainable and scaleable practice, without the age-old practices of cold calling, door knocking, and expired listing calls.

Peak Performing Agent’s proven system has been built for the hard-working agent who is both coachable and ready for dependable income, who wants massive growth in both their business and personal development RIGHT NOW.

Sound like you?

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Revealing Secrets of the Top 1% Agents: 5 Proven Steps Used by Our Realtor® Clients to Fill Their Pipeline with Hot Leads, Multiply Sales by 4X, and Avoid Cold Calls or Endless Online Time